Home Management for Back Pain: Do This to Stay Indoors

Staying indoors during a coronavirus quarantine might be terrible if you suffer from back pain. This is even worse for patients who are living alone and have no one to ask for help.

Our experts in pain management in Aventura, as well as doctors in pain management in Pembroke Pines, have made themselves available for patients who need their care. At Pain Care Specialists, we understand the dilemma that patients who are in pain are facing in light of the current health crisis. 

If you can't carry out your normal activities and exercise routines during this pandemic, here are some simple things you can do at home to keep your back free of pain.

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1. Say no to long hours of sitting

If you're given the option to work from home during the coronavirus lockdown, try to stand up from your work desk every half hour. Set an alarm on your phone. Walk around your table or your house for at least five minutes and maintain an upright posture as you do. 

Refrain from sitting down for hours at a time, as this may trigger your back pain. Regular but short movements done every 30 minutes or so will also help improve blood circulation and rid your body of toxins that cause body pains and inflammation. Studies show that standing up can break down fats in the bloodstream, decreasing your risk for developing lifestyle diseases.

2. While you're at it, do stretches

If you've been sitting for too long, then it might help to stretch your hamstrings to loosen up the tight muscles. Just make sure to do the proper movements if you're bending forward or squatting down. Forcing yourself past your limits, especially if you're not used to physical activity, might lead to injuries and disorders such as a disc herniation.

Performing stretching exercises can keep your muscles stronger and more flexible. It can also prevent your muscles from getting constricted and tensed. Try to do stretches when you start your day and before you go to sleep. A gentle five-minute stretch can do wonders for your back.

3. Have a lumbar roll

A lumbar roll is a cushion that's rolled up like a log to be placed at the back of your home office chair. Physical therapists, chiropractors, as well as our experts in pain management in Pembroke Pines, recommend the use of a lumbar roll to relieve back pain.

If you cannot buy a lumbar roll because the stores are currently closed, you can use a rolled pillow or towel. Use one that's thick enough so that your natural curve will be adequately supported.

At first, you might find the lumbar roll a bit of a distraction. In a few days, you'll get used to having this on the back of your chair, and you will benefit from diminished back pain.

4. Don't slouch when you're sitting

Poor posture can easily trigger back pain, especially if you sit for long hours. If you're working, try to avoid slumping your shoulders forward. Sit up, relax, and keep your back supported.

5. Stock up on your back pain medication

Since it's more important to stay at home and limit movement these days, you might as well stock up your back pain medication in case you need it. If you're on prescription medication, it might be good to talk to your pain management doctor in Aventura about your supplies for 30 or 90 days.

Learn more about back pain management

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