4 Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients Who Suffer From Pain

The development of the internet digital platform, accelerated during the coronavirus lockdown, is revolutionizing patient care. Today, doctors and patients are using telemedicine to deliver and receive the most convenient, affordable, and effective care.

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telemedicine for pain management


Telemedicine for pain patients

Telemedicine harnesses digital platform tools such as video conferencing, internet phone calls, and text messaging for patients to consult with their doctors. These technological advances can replace face-to-face check-ups, yet allow access to doctors and patients to continue with medical care, from anywhere with a good internet connection. 

According to a study published in Pain Medicine journal, telemedicine has been considered a game-changer for patients who suffer from pain. Here are just some of the benefits of telemedicine for these patients: 

1. Access to consistent, high-quality care

When patients who suffer from pain are denied treatment, their condition can worsen significantly. They need spontaneous, consistent, and high-quality care to manage their condition, especially in the time of COVID-19, when those with underlying medical conditions are so vulnerable to the disease.

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With telemedicine, they can get this type of care at any time of the day, despite the remote environment. Patients can set up an online appointment with us for consultations when they are in pain and seek follow-up care when they want to manage or prevent the pain from recurring.

The digital environment may lack a hands-on physical examination, but some tools and apps may be used to facilitate a virtual check-up. 

2. Instant medical guidance

Patients in pain don't have to deal with the long wait to see a doctor for an assessment. Through telemedicine, they can receive medical guidance instantly and avoid prolonging their suffering, which can often lead to depression or poor quality of life. 

Waiting to see a doctor is one of the perils of pain patients in a traditional medical consultation. In the emergency room, for example, pain issues are not always seen as critical, according to the American Chronic Pain Association. Telemedicine helps to remove this agony.  

3. Convenient and cost-effective

Pain patients are less mobile, so frequent trips to the doctor's clinic could exacerbate their condition. But there is no need to go anywhere when using telemedicine for a consult or follow-up care. 

Patients can comfortably sit on their favorite chair at home and receive care, guidance, and tips from our pain management expert just by video conference, phone calls, or text messages. It also removes the need for any travel expenses or other inconveniences for patients who live alone and have no one to accompany them to a pain clinic.


4. Personalized care

Aside from the speed and ease of access to our doctor, patients receiving telemedicine consultations can enjoy a personalized treatment, similar to a face-to-face consultation. Since patient data are stored in our health management information system, it's easier for our doctor to monitor their progress and adherence to the treatments. 

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