Why do we feel pain? How can your pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines help?

Everyone knows this unpleasant sensation when something hurts. Sometimes trivial, sometimes troubling. Pain can be, and often is, a reason for discomfort, distress, frustration or agony - especially in severe cases. A leading provider of interventional pain management in Pembroke Pines, Aventura and Hollywood - Pain Management doctor Dr. Luis A. Escobar explains, that pain can be described in various ways and only the person who is experiencing the pain can describe it properly. Since pain is such an individual experience its perception may also vary: it may be a steady, constant pain, a throbbing pain or a pulsating pain. The pain could also be a pinching sensation, or a stabbing one - just to name a few.

What actually is pain?  A Pain Management Doctor from Pembroke Pines explains

It is very probable that the English word 'pain' comes from the French ‘peine’, or from the Latin ‘poena’ - which means punishment or punishment pain. In everyday language we say that pain is the body’s way of alarming us that something is damaged or that something is very wrong with one or more organs in the body. But pain is a very complex and highly sophisticated protective mechanism. Our bodies contain highly sensitive nerves that are able to detect potentially dangerous changes in pressure, temperature or chemical balance and send information about it to the brain. It may happen though, that the body’s alarming systems don’t work properly or the damage is so severe that we’re in prolonged or  constant pain - such a situation is abnormal and you should always consult with a professional pain management doctor without unnecessary delay, in order to prevent further, sometimes irreversible damages to your body.

It is all your brain’s fault!

Interestingly, if you cut your finger while chopping veggies for lunch, the pain that you will immediately feel doesn't come from the slit finger! All pain is made by the brain - it evaluates information (the signals sent by nerves around that injured body part) and produces pain in the place of trauma. Our alerted brain mobilises the inflammatory mechanisms that increase blood flow to the place of trauma and cause the release of healing molecules from nearby tissue - this way the repair process begins. Apart from the actual severity of your injury, the brain also takes into consideration your previous exposure to such trauma, (even cultural and social norms you identify with, or traumas which you consider normal or acceptable). Sensory data also play a role - what you hear, see, smell or feel in other parts of your body during the injury or soon after it occurred. All this data altogether contributes to the final painful sensation served to you by your brain.

Preventive mechanism - contacting your Pain Management Doctor in Pembroke Pines is necessary for the right diagnosis

As daunting as pain may be, it very often is the only force that stops us from pushing our bodies to their limits - especially in today’s modern but busy times. It is pain that tells us not to do things – for example, not to lift with back pain or not to run with an injured foot. Sometimes is also tells us to do things – e.g. to see a  pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines or to simply lay flat and rest.

A leading provider of interventional pain management in Aventura Dr. Escobar - is a Board Certified pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines who has many years’ experience treating pain disorders and works hard at treating the source of your pain with the goal of restoring you to full function and your normal life and activities. At our pain management clinics - not just in Pembroke Pines but also in Aventuray and Hollywood - we help our patients suffering from a huge variety of different conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Discogenic Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Post Laminectomy Syndrome
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis

To find out more about how Pain Care Specialists Florida can safely treat your pain, please visit our website or make an appointment with Dr. Escobar.

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