Indications that you need to see a Pain Management Doctor

Pain is a common sensation, which most people experience from time to time due to an injury, underlying disease or other factors. But how do you know if it’s time to visit a pain specialist? According to Pembroke Pines pain management, pain is considered chronic if it lasts for more than three months. The most common sources of chronic pain, include, spine or joint pain, cancer pain, pelvic pain, uncommon pain coming from the limbs, post-surgery pain and pain from previous surgeries.

You may be suffering from pain for too long now and you don’t realize that you can get help from a pain management specialist. Here are the indications that tell you that you need to see one.

Indication #1: Your pain is persistent and won’t go away

If you are experiencing persistent pain after three months. It’s a clear sign that you need to see a pain specialist. A pain management doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute, chronic and severe pain. They are trained to assess a variety of pain problems and provide viable pain treatments that are suitable for your type of pain.

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Indication #2: Medication dependency

Some people manage their pain through medication, but medication dependency is not healthy for the body. There are many side effects brought by non-prescription and prescription drugs. If you are tired of taking medications just to get through the day and want to be free from it, it’s about time you visit a pain specialist. They will help you find out which complementary and alternative treatments will best work for you.

Indication #3: Your medications are not helping reduce your pain

When you are taking your medication for a long period of time, the effectiveness reduces. If you have experience this, then you should consulting a pain doctor. They can evaluate the medications that you have been taking to find an alternative treatment method. This way, you will be able to manage your pain more effectively.

Indication #4: You are experiencing an unusual pain

Unusual pain that radiates through your limbs or your whole body can be caused by an underlying condition, such as a pinched nerve or herniated disc. Some signs may also be numbness or tingling sensations. It is important to have yourself checked by a specialist before the condition gets worse and to receive a treatment that will help ease your discomfort.

Indication #5: Disrupted sleep due to pain

If your pain is the main reason why you are having disrupted sleep, it is a sign that you are experiencing severe pain. Lack of sleep may lead to more health complications.

Is your pain the main reason why you're up the whole night? Does it disrupt your sleep pattern? If the answer is yes then you should see a pain management doctor.

Pembroke Pines pain management is fully dedicated to providing the most appropriate treatment plan to help patients regain their quality of life. Each patient is treated in a holistic manner to make sure their overall health is in a good state.

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