How does pain affect your life and how can interventional pain management help? Part 1.

Needless to say that everyone is different in various ways. Every person differs also when it comes to their tolerance of discomfort and pain and their adaptation to it. Individual circumstances and predispositions surely play a significant role but one thing is certain: chronic pain goes beyond just the physical and impacts mental and emotional health and this may strain the relationships around you. To find out how pain may affect your life and how Pain Care Specialists Florida can help you counteract it - read the first part of the Pain Care Specialists of Florida’s Pain Management article series below.
Pain vs stress

Stress has both physical and emotional effects on our bodies. When the brain becomes altered by stress it prepares the body for a possible imminent threat: it raises our blood pressure, increases breathing rate and heart rate, and causes muscle tension. Although these are natural and desired body reaction when facing a real threat (and make us respond faster, run faster or hit stronger), if it protracts over an extended period of time it can be extremely hard on the body. It can lead to fatigue, sleeping problems, and changes in appetite. Stress can also lead to anxiety, depression, a dependence on others, or an unhealthy dependence on certain medicines. Ask our pain management doctor in Aventura, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, about stress and its consequences on your body.

Pain vs sleep

At our pain management clinic in Aventura, we always tell our patients how good quality sleep is absolutely crucial to our overall well-being and that even a short sleep deprivation can have adverse effect on our physical and mental condition.

When sleep becomes unsatisfying (not long enough, too short, interrupted, etc.), feelings of depression, anxiety, and pain become much more intense. When such situations persist, the brain also begins to anticipate the pain, leading to anxiety and a hypervigilance that is normally associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now your body is just one step away from falling into the vicious circle where chronic pain can lead to depression and depression itself can lead to chronic pain.

If you feel tired but have a hard time falling asleep, you may be suffering from a stress-related fatigue. You may also notice that you can fall asleep, but you have a hard time staying asleep. These are all reasons to talk with your pain management doctor Aventura about the physical effects stress is having on your body. Visit our website or  contact us today!

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