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Pain Management Doctor Aventura - What is Discogenic Pain

Discogenic Pain is one of the conditions treated at our pain clinics in Aventura, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood. To put it simply, it is pain originating from a damaged vertebral disc, particularly due to degenerative disc disease. However, it’s quite common to have degenerated discs which don’t actually cause pain. Disc degeneration is a natural process and occurs naturally with age. Once a fully degenerated disc no longer has any inflammatory proteins that can cause pain, the disc enters into a stable position. As a result of this, discogenic pain rarely occurs in the elderly population. Discogenic pain can usually be successfully treated with non-surgical treatments, such as pain medication and physical therapy and exercise, but chronic discogenic pain that is severe and limits the individual's ability to function may need to be treated with surgery (Discogenic Pain).

Discogenic Pain

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