Chronic pain can ruin your relationships with those you love - Pembroke Pines Pain Management Guide. Part 3.

If you think the statement in the title is exaggerated - you must be amongst those lucky people who have not been - or are not - affected by chronic pain - either the pain you suffer from or the pain your loved ones have to live with. Or you have already found a good pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines, such as Dr. Luis A. Escobar, who is Board Certified and has many years’ experience treating pain disorders. Chronic pain touches every aspect of daily life (and perhaps most powerfully - in the area of relationships) and this article is meant to serve as a useful guide for all of us who care about those we love. That is why finding the right pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines leads to effective and long-lasting treatment of the cause of your pain, and not just your symptoms. We all owe it to ourselves and to our dear ones.

Pain vs  family and friends

Family and friends alike can be greatly affected by a loved one’s chronic pain in ways that can last long after the pain is diagnosed and the treatment begins. Unfortunately, it even dictates how involved you are with family members and friends; how much attention you give them, how much quality time you can dedicate, but also how easy going and jovial you are. If in pain, you may be easily irritated, impatient or even inconsiderate of other people’s problems. When pain inhibits you from doing your fair share of work - it is your co-workers, family and friends who step in, and do your work for you. Feelings, such as frustration, resentment, and stress, often occur as an unwanted result. These feelings and emotions can deteriorate the sensation of chronic pain and worsen your condition. Your pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines should know which treatment will best suit your pain management needs, and will advise you on the most effective therapy so you can fully enjoy your family time again.  

Pain vs life partners

The truth is, it is also (or mainly) your significant other who is very much affected by your condition. Chronic pain can be the cause of frustration with things like household chores and intimate life. Sexuality and intimacy may suffer due to the pain itself, and the frustrations experienced due to unequal distribution of responsibilities. In extreme cases, when the partners of people in pain are the primary breadwinner, main caretaker of the children (often also of the pain patient) and the head of household chores - it may simply be overwhelming to them and they may react with resentment. Financial strain (medical bills) can also be the cause of conflict. The consequences of inadequate or unprofessional treatment can be severe - both to your health and to your pocket. That’s why it is vital to make a right choice when deciding which pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines to chose.

Pain Management Pembroke Pines

Chronic pain vs parenting

Parenting with chronic pain can be a particularly difficult struggle, as it is unlikely that young children understand a “boo-boo” that isn’t visible and doesn’t immediately go away. As a result, many pain patients may not be enjoying the time spent with their children as much as they would like to. They usually display unnecessary annoyance, impatience or inadequately stern demeanour. These difficult relationships with children can lead to feelings of insufficiency as a parent, which can, if persist, turn into deep sadness or low self-esteem as a person and a parent, and in extreme cases - may even lead to a depression.

Make an appointment with a leading pain management doctor in Pembroke Pines - Dr. Escobar, who is Board Certified and has many years’ experience treating pain disorders and works hard at treating the source of your pain with the goal of restoring you to full function and your normal life and activities. To find out more about Pembroke Pines pain management visit our website.


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