Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) as an innovative treatment for tennis elbow

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), one of the latest treatments for tendon injuries, heals tennis elbow better than corticosteroid shots, a study by Dutch physician Taco Gosens suggests.

Normally, injured tendons heal slowly because of the relatively little blood flow they receive. Blood platelets attract healing growth factors, so the idea of PRP is to inject a patient's own platelets at the site of a tendon injury. tis

Corticosteroid shots, meanwhile, have been losing favor. They are great at relieving acute pain in the short term, but they don't promote healing in the long run and may even lead to further tendon breakdown.

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Background of the research

In the study mentioned above, the researchers randomly assigned patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis, i.e., tennis elbow lasting longer than six months with pain ranking at least 5 on a 10-point scale, to receive either a PRP or corticosteroid injection.

Both injections were given directly into the area of maximum tenderness and also into the tendon.

What happened? Patients who got the corticosteroid shot had much faster pain relief. But 26 weeks after treatment, patients who received PRP were much more likely to have less pain and a higher level of functioning than those who received the corticosteroid.

And they kept getting better. A year on, PRP-treated patients reported a 64% improvement in pain and an 84% improvement in disability. Corticosteroid-treated patients reported a 24% improvement in pain and a 17% improvement in disability.

Moreover, only three of the 51 patients in the PRP group went on to get tennis-elbow surgery versus six in corticosteroid sample.

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Why do we choose PRP treatment in Pembroke Pines?

Dr. Escobar says that he may prescribe steroids for tennis elbow if someone has had two weeks of strong pain. But if it’s been several months of pain and the ultrasound or MRI shows degeneration in the tendon and no swelling around it, then PRP is a better option.

The success of PRP procedures in Pembroke Pines goes beyond tennis elbow syndrome. It is used to improve functioning and decrease pain for various conditions, including but not limited to wrist, shoulder, knee and hip tendinitis. It is also effective for treating various sports injuries.

PRP in Pembroke Pines is the new approach to pain management

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