Say Goodbye to Tendinosis Through PRP

The swelling of the tendons, or these masses of thick and fibrous tissues that support and attach the muscles to the joints, is known as tendinosis. It is a chronic condition that usually occurs in the wrist, elbows, shoulders, knees (patellar tendon), and the heels (Achilles tendon). 

Tendinosis is often confused with tendonitis because the symptoms could be similar. However, tendinosis has no inflammation. Rather, it is a chronic condition characterized by the degeneration of collagen as a result of overuse.

Because the tendons are swollen, there is also a burning sensation and pain that gets worse with physical activity. If your daily activities are being limited by tendinosis, consult our doctors in pain management Pembroke Pines for a medical evaluation.

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Cause of Tendinosis

People who are middle aged or older are at risk of developing this injury to the tendons. But this condition is most common among those who play sports or do repetitive tasks without taking enough breaks in between. 

Rest is paramount when a person has tendinosis. Continued physical exertion and activity can put further stress on the tendons, which can limit blood supply that the collagen needs and slow down the healing process of the injury. 

Pain and stiffness are the most common symptoms of tendinosis, along with restricted joint movement. For some patients, the injured body part may develop some tender and bothersome lumps.

Treating Tendinosis with PRP

Apart from pain reduction through medication, there are a few other goals for treating Tendinosis. First, the patient must be taught techniques to prevent further injuries and strengthen the muscles through a good physical therapy program. But to enhance collagen replacement and speed up the injury's healing, a platelet-rich plasma or PRP procedure may also be helpful.  

PRP in Hollywood makes use of a concentration of platelets, also known as thrombocytes, drawn from the patient's own body and set in a centrifuge. This concentrated sample, which is mostly composed of protein, water and an activating agent like calcium chloride, are then injected directly to the injury with the degenerated tissue, guided by ultrasound imaging. Once activated, the platelets then release proteins that stimulate the growth of reparative cells naturally produced by the body for healing. 

For decades, PRP has been widely used for accelerating bone formation following a spinal fusion surgery. In recent times, however, studies have shown that PRP use and demand continue to grow especially in regenerative medicine. 

PRP Procedure for Tendinosis

Injections of PRP Hollywood do not require hospitalization. The patient can get the treatment at Dr. Escobar’s clinic for pain management in Pembroke Pines, since the whole procedure takes less than an hour to complete. 

The injection may cause discomfort for some patients, so doctors apply anesthetics first. Relief is not immediate following the initial injection. Over time, however, the patient will feel significant improvements to the injured area. Follow-up injections depend on the doctor’s recommendation and the patient’s progress. 

Side effects of PRP for tendinosis are not common. However, the needle used for injection are always sterilized to avoid infection. PRP injections are not recommended for patients who use anticoagulation medications or have bleeding disorders.

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